Possessing a beautiful olive green hue with a golden tint, peridot is pleasing to every discerning eye. Having a color range from yellowish green to brownish green, this gem is surely a stunner. From the time of its discovery, peridot has garnered a huge fan following all over the globe. Nicknamed as the ‘Gem of the Sun’ by Egyptians, the peridot is indeed a beauty. This pastel-hued and vibrant gem is the birthstone for the month of August and also a dazzling gift for the 16th wedding anniversary.


From the Past:

Interestingly, peridot is a French name derived from the Arabic word, Faridat meaning ‘gem’. This astonishingly beautiful gemstone was mined as early as 3,500 years ago on an island in the Red Sea and has been a favorite since then. Peridot also has numerous fascinating legends surrounding it. Ancient Egyptians considered it to be a highly spiritual gem and many of their priests were believed to drink beverages containing crushed pieces of this gemstone. Ancient Hawaiian folklores stated that peridots were hardened tears of Goddess Pele who was associated with fire, lightning and volcanoes. Surprisingly, several historians also believe that Queen Cleopatra’s very famous emerald collection could in fact be peridots!


This enchanting gemstone is considered to be bestowed with many positive attributes. It is believed that when set in gold, a peridot can act as an extremely powerful talisman against night terrors and bad dreams. This gemstone is believed to aid in friendships and also free the mind of any envious thoughts. It is said to protect its wearer from the evil eye and also instill confidence, self-esteem and bring happiness and cheer into their life. Peridot is considered to calm the brain, reduce stress, jealousy, resentment and instead attract love and improve difficult relationships.

How to Wear:
Fondly named the ‘Evening Emerald’, peridots with their vivid and distinctly mesmerizing hue are perfect for all kinds of jewelry. Rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants encrusted with this gemstone look truly spectacular. Its vibrant green hue will complement your black, red, violet, blue, purple, white and even golden outfits. A simple pair of peridot stud earrings or a classic peridot solitaire pendant will give your work attire an instant uplift. Your beloved LBD when accessorized with a glorious peridot ring, can definitely steal the spotlight. A simple peridot tennis bracelet is all that you need for your casual outing, while a glamorous peridot cocktail ring will surely be a conversation starter at an after-hours event. Whether a date night or an outing with your girl gang, gorgeous peridot adornments with their bright, dazzling and dreamy appearance will always stand out and be showstoppers.

This glittering green gemstone is totally drool-worthy! With its alluring appeal, this gem makes a perfect present for all. Wish to gift it to someone special or add it to your own collection of sparkling jewels? Worry not! We at Angara have you covered with our extensive array of peridot rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets in a multitude of designs; from contemporary to vintage, solitaire to halo.

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