Rose gold, also known pink gold, is achieved by mixing 24K yellow gold with copper. The intensity of pink color depends on the quantities of copper and gold mixed. Usually 75% gold and 25% copper is the ratio used to make Rose gold. This can vary depending on the demand and intensity of color.


It means Rose gold is not ‘Real’ gold?

Rose gold is 100% real gold and is no way different from the traditional yellow gold except for color.


Pure gold (24 karat) is too soft to withstand wear on its own. It is not possible to use for making jewelry as the metal won’t hold the gemstone firmly. To make it usable for jewelry it is necessary to mix a certain percentage of other metals. These metals are termed as ‘alloy’.


is normally made out of 18K gold which is 75% gold and 25% alloy. The color of alloy here is responsible for the color of gold. So whether it’s yellow, white, green or pink gold all have 75% pure gold.


Why to choose Rose gold for engagement and wedding rings?

Rose gold, sounds pretty. Yes, pink is pretty. It’s the color of love, romance, femininity, elegance, softness, passion, beauty… need we add more.


Also, the delicate metal has great vintage appeal. It was first popularized by Cartier in late 1920s when the jeweler first presented its Trinity band that was made of three interlinked bands of rose, yellow and white gold.


It’s a hot fashion trend!

It’s the recent resurgence of colors in fashion that once again popularized rose gold. 21st century witnessed a marked indulgence of colors in fashion. The trend now is all about being feminine, elite, colorful, delicate, bold and vintage. As the metal best suits in all aspects, from frilly shades to straight neutrals, so it is liked by the generation.


From watches, engagement rings, statement necklaces to fine and fashion jewels, the blush-hued version of gold is showing up everywhere.


Style of Rose gold rings

Rose gold is classic and timeless; therefore every style goes right with the metal. Whether you want a vintage ring, an eternity band, halo setting or a contemporary bling, the pink shade of gold will work in every way.


Celebrities love Rose gold:

Jean Cocteau, French writer and filmmaker made Rose gold a rage by wearing the metal on his pinkie finger.


Audery Hepburn in 1954 set the trend of rose gold wedding bands when she was given two faceted wedding bands by Mel Ferrer. The rose gold and white gold bands were given so she could switch them according to occasion and outfits.

Remember the platinum and rose gold 5 carat diamond ring of Katie Holmes. It had the Edwardian style of design and though the couple has called it quit, the ring is still inspiring.

Katie Holmes-wear-5-carat-rose-gold-diamond-ring

The recent addition to the rose gold engagement family is Blake Lively’s oval diamond ring set in rose gold.


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