Dad, brother, husband, or sometimes just a great friend; the special man in your life is someone who deserves to be treated well. This is especially true if it’s his birthday. But not all men are alike, and most of them tend to be reserved about receiving any “special gifts”. So what do you do? We aim to make things slightly simple with this list featuring 5 different personalities and awesome gift options for them.

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  • The Style Jedi: This man knows what’s “in” and what’s not. From the latest hairstyles to trending fashion wear, he loves to keep himself updated with the best of everything. Choosing the perfect gift for this man should be a no-brainer. Get him the latest wallet from his favorite designer label or a cool pair of sneakers. Remember, as long as it’s a fashion hot-seller he won’t be complaining.
  • The Suave and Confident: Remember Ryan Gosling in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love? Or simply look at George Clooney. These men exude an irresistible charm and the one gift that truly justifies their enigmatic personality is a diamond. Don’t be afraid to get him a band that dazzles with this priceless stone. After all, he must’ve done something right to make it to your list of special people. So go ahead and indulge him.
  • Classy All the Way: This man is all about keeping it minimal yet refined. He plays it safe and prefers a coordinated look that won’t go wrong. If this sounds like the personality of your man, then try getting your hands on a classy pair of leather shoes. You can also keep it simple and opt for cuff links that are now available in different precious metals, with or without gemstones.
  • The Regular Guy Next Door: Fashion isn’t really on the top of his mind. What he prefers, rather, is comfort. So don’t give him something extravagant unless he happens to mention it in a conversation. Otherwise simply stick to a more experiential gift. Go hiking together, catch up on a movie he might be interested in or just spend a fun day by the beach. The more realistic and thoughtful your choice of experience, the more brownies you’ll earn.
  • PS: A nice watch may also help!

  • Quirky and Unconventional: He’s comfortable in his skin, and is unapologetic about his personality. For this man, custom gifts are probably your best bet. Get him a one-of-a-kind ring featuring his birthstone, a customized bracelet or anything that captures his unique spirit.

Whether he’s the style jedi, the guy next door or something completely different; the perfect birthday gift actually depends on how well you know this special person. But don’t be afraid to experiment.

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