Here comes the month of the garnet; January’s dazzling birthstone! This is also a great time to add some new, intense red bling to your jewelry collection. Radiating a captivating brilliance, garnet can be your go-to option whenever you wish to make a bold statement. This gem’s beauty is sure to add a dash of vibrancy to your outfit. Whether it’s an evening ensemble or work attire, you simply can’t go wrong with this stunning jewel.


From the past:

Garnet has been admired by people for centuries. This fascinating stone derives its name from the Latin word ‘Granatus’, meaning ‘seed-like’ in reference to pomegranate seeds. This gem also has many legends associated with it. In China, it was believed that a tiger’s soul turned into this red gem after the animal died. While Greeks believed that Hades gave a garnet to Persephone to ensure that she returned to him.

A favorite among Anglo-Saxons, garnet was used to embellish churches and castles. In Old Spain, pomegranates were a favorite and so were garnets. They were also found in old Egyptian tombs as adornments on pharaohs. Famous Greek philosopher Plato had commissioned a Roman engraver to engrave his portrait on a garnet. In the Victorian times, garnets were frequently used to make jewelry.

What it symbolizes:

Known as the gem of faith, the first birthstone of the year is associated with happiness and commitment. Garnet is said to endow the people wearing it with true and deep feelings, mental and physical health. In simple words, garnet represented passion, true friendship, fidelity, success, loyalty, energy, faith and truth.

How to wear:

This splendid reddish-brown jewel can add an exciting twist to your daily wear as it goes well with almost all colors. You can dazzle up a quiet evening wear by coupling it with a striking garnet cocktail ring. A pair of garnet stud earrings can elevate the appeal of your work outfit. A combination of a gorgeous party dress and enticing garnet jewelry is sure to make heads turn. Be it simple everyday or elaborate jewelry, a garnet always looks mesmerizing.  The vivid red gem looks distinctively graceful whether it is set in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum.

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