Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.‘ This is what Angara believes in and their designers create love soaked engagement rings. The leading gemstone jewelry e-Tailer specializes in e-rings, and they have evolved tokens of love and remembrance for many love stories.

Every customer and their love story are personalized at Angara, who is honored and feels proud to be a part of your special, soft and romantic moment. We love the way you share these moments with us. Let us share with you, one such charming love story proposal:


Jessica Helene Smith (23) and Paul Easton Lycos (28) dated for six months before he thought to surprise her with a planned proposal. In Paul’s words, “This took some planning but it was worth it for the look on Jessie’s face.” Angara’s beloved customer, Paul, wanted to catch her off guard early in the morning with an adventure through Central Park, New York. She knew very little about the surprise proposal that had been mapped out to the last detail with their own photographer, unbeknownst to her, camping out behind snow banks to catch the love story unfold.


The gentleman chose our Classic Diamond Halo Pear Shape Sapphire Engagement Ring. The exotic combination of cornflower sparkling blue sapphire and dazzling forever diamonds is a perfect representation of eternal beauty and love. This surprise proposal moved Jessica’s heart and she gladly said, “Yes, I Do.”


A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.‘ This is what Angara’s customer couple believes in, and they were lip locked to feel the warmth and depth of their love! This heartfelt kiss at Rockefeller Plaza inspired the New York Times reporter and photographer to cover their love story in the newspaper’s Valentine’s Day Weekend Metro Station Section.

Our personal jeweler helped Paul in designing the ring exactly the way he wanted it to be. Paul complimented us in these words, “Just wanted to thank you for making this ring ‘the’ ring. What I wanted was the perfect ring for her and you helped me match up reality with what was rattling around in my head. She absolutely loves it!”

If you too, have such a fairy tale love story, please share with us. Angara would love to feature your story on their blog.

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