A beginning of a beautiful forever should be bright and brilliant. Angara’s exclusive moissanite jewelry collection is therefore a perfect choice for an ultimate flawless radiance. The designer collection is all about pampering your senses and aptly suits a holiday wedding.

The collection has some romantic engagement rings, wedding bands, awe-inspiring pendants, earrings and rings for brides and bridesmaids. Each of the design exhibits clean and bright moissanites in shapes like round, oval and princess. Delicately perched in precious 14k white gold, each design is worthy to praise and adorn.


You might think why to choose moissanite jewelry for an important and precious event? It is true that a wedding is the most important event of life and therefore it demands everything beautiful and special. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds have been the most popular choice for a bridal glow. But do you know that moissanites posses similar attributes. They are even harder than sapphires and rubies, and their brilliance outshines that of diamonds.


Mossianite was discovered in an ancient meteorite and is a celestial stone. Extremely rare on earth, this could only be available in natural form in outer space. Many of the qualities of the gem are similar to that of diamond. It has hardness between 9.25 to 9.50 on moh’s scale while the brilliance and fire of moissanite is even more than diamonds. As the stone is lab created, it certainly becomes less pricey and easily available.


So if you wish the beauty and sparkle equivalent to diamonds while saving your banks, choose moissanite jewelry. The trend experts have already predicted that the gem will soon rule the fashion world and will change the definition of brilliant jewelry.

This new collection of Angara is therefore giving you a way to enter into the magnificent world of fashion without missing the beauty and simplicity. There will be classic solitaires, three-stone ring, Claddagh rings, antique and vintage ring, cross pendants, solitaire studs, drop earrings and many more to steal the show.

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