Feel the magic of royal gems with Angara’s ‘Facets’ collection. The designs are a dramatic combination of precious sapphires and diamonds.


The ‘Facets’ collection exhibits matching Sapphire pendants and earrings. Intricate filigree and interesting settings along with the radiant gemstones give a touch of delicacy and refinement to the jewelry. Blue Sapphire is the center of the ‘Facets’ designs which are further accentuated with diamond and intricate metalwork to enhance the esthetic features of the jewels.


September month birthstone, Sapphire is a highly coveted gemstone. It has been loved throughout ages for its significant beauty and alluring hues. From Royalty to celebs, sapphire has been their most favorite gemstone.


It’s the velvety look of sapphire that adds the royal touch to any ensemble. Sapphire jewelry is the trendiest choice to get a star worthy look. This designer collection boasts of timeless sapphire jewels that exude elegance and glamour, and are extremely sophisticated.

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