It’s one thing to fall in love. It’s another to feel someone else fall in love with you, and to feel a responsibility toward that love.” Well said by David Levithan. When love sprinkles magic on two people, they feel responsible for each other’s health, wealth and happiness. The engagement ring is the perfect symbol of love when you’ve found the perfect one for you.


Different people choose different gemstones to be encrusted in their special e-rings. Reasons are based on beliefs, meanings, personalities and symbolisms. Let’s discuss a few customer examples, and why their sparkling gemstone is considered best:


Samantha-&-Kalen-with-Ruby-Ring Brian-&-Julie-with-Ruby-Ring

Our beautiful couples Samantha & Kalen and Brian & Julie chose ruby as their love soaked symbol. It is believed radiant ruby is the gemstone of passionate love and increases the love between two people when they exchange ruby rings. Mark Zuckerberg, one of the five founders of Facebook, picked a ruby ring for his beautiful wife as well. In some cultures, rubies are closely associated with blood, and they believe rubies ensure that blood circulation is proper throughout the body.



Ranging from cornflower blue to deep ocean blue, sapphires exhibit an eye captivating hue. Paul and Jessica, our perfect couple, picked an exclusive sapphire and diamond ring to start their life journey together. It is interesting to know that besides their exotic beauty, sapphires are known to strengthen the owner’s immune system. Blue sapphire advocates are spread across the globe and Shane Warne- Elizabeth Hurley are one of the most famous celebrity examples. The Australian cricketer presented a blue sapphire engagement ring to his love from United Kingdom.



The gemstone for love and prosperity, emerald displays a deeply saturated natural green color. The soothing hue is known to bestow positivity to its owner. Our dear customer Brian bought an exclusive emerald ring and his fiancé completely loves it. Ancient Greeks believed emeralds to be the sacred gemstone of Goddess of Love- Venus. It is said to keep love intact between a couple when they exchange emerald rings. Halle Berry fondly wears her emerald engagement ring from Olivier Martinez.



This traditional engagement ring gemstone still rules the heart of women worldwide. Men who know this, choose this dazzling gemstone to win the heart of their love. Sergeant Jamal Pratt, our beloved customer picked a beautiful diamond engagement ring for his beautiful fiancé. Symbol of purity and innocence, diamonds are believed to bring commitment in a love relationship.

Which gemstone did you choose for your engagement ring? Share with us your engagement ring stories and thoughts. We would love to hear from you.

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