They say that anything desired is definitely worth waiting for. A great example is super-sales day, more commonly known as Black Friday. You’ll shop and save on fabulous products, especially big-ticket items. Getting a deal on precious jewelry such as a diamond ring is not only rewarding, but feels like you just won the lottery. However, you don’t have to wait until Black Friday as Angara has already started special offers and deals on each item you buy. More specifically, extra 15% Off and free jewelry gifts on diamond rings is not an everyday value, so take advantage of this limited time offer today.

To make your offer even more exciting, Angara has introduced their newest collection of diamond rings. These items are presented from a direct source (no middleman involved) with the highest quality and value guaranteed. Just apply coupon code SEOSON15 and make a worthwhile purchase. What can be more delightful than owning sparkling jewelry at a great value and with an early bird special?

This pre-holiday sale features some chic designs in diamond rings that are sure to sway your heart. You can explore through their latest collection. Here are some customer favorites that are trending now:

Classic Solitaire Engagement


If you are publically announcing in a relationship this festive season, don’t delay ordering Angara’s forever brilliant solitaire diamond ring. Elegant and classy, you’ll be impressed by their round dainty diamonds studded in Gold or Platinum metal settings. This ring is perfect for the perfect woman in your life.

Stylish Twin Shank


With growing modernism, women look for individuality in everything they own. This twin-shank diamond piece is designed to gratify the desires of bold and fashionable women today. You get to experience traditionalism with exclusivity and receive the most competitive offer.

Huge Stunner


A round diamond, enclosed by two dazzling contours, is the ultimate symbol of luxury. This ring greatly justifies that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, consisting of a large number of sparkling facets.

Princess Halo


Princess-cut halo diamond rings have become very popular amongst celebrities. This fusion along with a decorative split shank design is rare and exquisite. You can make her feel like a princess by giving such a contemporary diamonds union.

Are you excited to shop for holiday sales? Let us know your views. Tell us what new bling from our diamonds collection entices you the most.

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