Anniversary rings are a great way to celebrate your growing relationship. Be it your first, tenth or twenty-fifth year together as a couple, anniversary rings and bands will always be a much-appreciated gift. You can either go for timeless rings that are adorned with diamonds or choose one with her favourite gemstone.


Eternity bands, featuring sparkling stones that form a complete circle around your finger, are the popular choice for a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary. Apart from these, half eternity bands, three stone rings and infinity rings will also be a fabulous way to symbolise your never-ending love and admiration.

While choosing an anniversary band, the first thing to consider is whether you want the band to be in the similar style as that of the engagement and wedding ring. The benefit of going for the same style is that you can easily stack them up on the same finger. If it’s an elaborate wedding ring, balance the look with a subtle and elegant anniversary band.

Opt for an anniversary band that is of the same precious metal as the wedding and engagement ring. While this is how some women would prefer, there’s no harm in trying out a mixed metal look as well. You can also choose a band that is adorned with the anniversary gem, your birthstone, or that of your children. Alternatively, you may also want to choose a ring that features the same number of stones as the years you’ve been married.

Unlike wedding or engagement rings, there is no particular finger on which an anniversary band needs to be worn. It can either be worn on the same finger with the other rings or on a different finger. If you do not want to overcrowd one finger, you can also consider wearing the anniversary band on the right hand. This is also great if you’d like to show off your anniversary band all by itself.

Some women also don’t mind switching their wedding band with a fancier and more attractive anniversary band, while some would not want to remove the band that was slipped on their finger on their wedding day.

No matter the number of years you’ve been together, anniversary bands will have you celebrating your love, shared memories and exciting future together in a special way. Is your wedding anniversary just around the corner?  Surprise your wife with a piece from Angara’s assortment of eternity, half eternity, infinity and three stone rings.

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