Do you celebrate your birthday in April? If yes, then your birthstone is none other than the most popular gem in the world – the diamond. Famously called “a girl’s best friend”, this gem has been revered for its rarity and undeniable allure since the beginning of time.

Whether you’re born this month or not, a diamond certainly deserves every bit of the admiration it receives. Here’s a look at some interesting facts and myths about this invincible stone that make it even more impressive.


The Name Says It All

Its name’s origin can be traced back to the Greek term ‘adamas’, which translates to indestructible or unconquerable. Rightly so, with a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, a diamond happens to be the toughest of all gemstones. It is also the hardest naturally occurring substance known to man. This fact makes the stone, that’s usually associated with all things elegant, a potent cutting tool.

Diamond & Love

The association of a diamond with eternal love was perhaps first established in Italy, during the medieval period. During this time, it was already renowned for its invincibility. The diamond soon became the perfect choice to symbolize an unbreakable bond between two souls. In the year 1477, the marriage of Mary of Burgundy to the future Holy Roman Emperor, Maximilian I became the first documented event where a diamond engagement ring was presented. Not too long after, this gem became the most desired choice to showcase marital commitment.

Reigning the Jewelry Industry

The crystal structure and chemical composition of a diamond together make it a distinctive member of the mineral kingdom. It is the only gem made of a single element, typically comprising of about 99.95 percent carbon. The other 0.05 percent isn’t a part of the gem’s significant chemistry. Though extremely rare, diamonds also naturally occur in shades of pink, cognac, blue, yellow, black and green. These stones, along with a naturally flawless colorless diamond, are extravagantly priced.

The auction of ‘Pink Star’, the largest known Vivid Pink rated diamond in the world, on 3rd April for a staggering USD 71.2 m (553 million Hong Kong dollars) is a fine example of the price a rare diamond can demand. This event was certainly a fabulous start to April, the month of diamonds.

With its visual appeal, distinct attributes and rarity, a diamond continues to rule hearts of those who have a penchant for its timeless allure. Here at Angara, our collection of beautiful diamond jewelry featuring various colors, cuts and sizes is a celebration of this magnificent gem. See for yourself!

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