How do you get a ruby ring that’s worth more than $ 1500, in less than $ 500? Or a blue sapphire ring that costs $ 400, in about $200? At Angara, we make it possible with our range of ‘good, better and best’ categories. You get the same design of gemstone jewelry at three variant prices.

If you study the features of individual gemstones, there are some characteristics that are unique to each group. Based on these, gemstones are classified into categories. The valuation of a gemstone is made on the basis of these.

The terms good, better and best refer to the quality of gemstones that are used in a piece of jewelry. Essentially, a good gemstone, a better gemstone and the best of gemstones. This applies to our bestsellers and more than 60% of our bestsellers have this feature. Click on the image in the catalog to view.



An unaware customer is usually duped, because of lack of awareness. On the other hand, at Angara, we conscientiously follow the practice of being forthright with the customer. The more satisfied our customers, deeper our gains.

The feature of good, better and best in the same jewelry design is UNIQUE to Angara. No jeweler elsewhere is offering anything even close to it. We are able to do this because we believe in value for money, and are the gemstone destination to suit every budget. After all, how long are you going to yearn for that blue sapphire ring that Jane wears? Or the emerald earrings that Angelina Jolie wore at the Red Carpet? Indulge your fantasies, HERE AND NOW, only at Angara with its features of good, better and best jewelry.

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