“Diamond is a girl’s best friend.” Famous singer Avril Lavigne‘s first wedding anniversary gift is a 17-carat diamond ring. Now that is a stunning way to celebrate your 1st anniversary! Looks like she has a best friend for life.

The singer flaunted her massive ring on twitter. She tweeted with the picture, “I still cannot believe my 1 year anniversary gift. 17-carat emerald cut. Wow! I love my hubby.” In the picture shared by Avril, the couple looks has fallen in love again like the first day they got married. Avril proudly wears her massive ring on her left ring finger.

Avril Lavigne's 14 and 17 Carat Damond Ring

She is a lucky girl. Nickelback frontman, Chad Kroeger proposed to her a year later with a brilliant 14-carat pear-shaped diamond engagement ring. If that wasn’t enough, a 17-carat rock is truly mesmerizing and makes a bold statement.

Avril Lavigne’s Anniversary Ring

Avril Lavigne's Anniversary Ring

From the picture shared by the ‘Smile’ singer, the center of attention ring is a large emerald-cut diamond mounted on a platinum band. It spans from knuckle to knuckle and covers the majority of her finger.

According to Morgan Shara of MAS, who provided an expert opinion about the ring on E! News, ‘Emerald diamonds are one of the most classic and elegant cuts.’ Depending on the actual color, clarity and brilliance, the singer’s anniversary ring could cost anywhere from several hundred thousand dollars to millions.

Certainly, Chad has set the bar high. If this is the first anniversary gift, we can assume he’ll be giving 20-carat rock or something of equal value next time. Or he may choose a contemporary path with a large colored gemstone next time.

What do you think of singer’s gigantic diamond ring? Would you wish to get a solitaire like Avril or would you rather cherish a dainty halo ring?

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