Whether you are attending special occasions or creating special moments, stud earrings are the perfect gift of elegance. Studs add class to your collection, whether you are a first time buyer or a jewelry fanatic. However, with different styles and settings, how do you know which one(s) is right for you? Let’s go over the setting options in detail:

Bezel Setting :


Bezel, which is well-known for its distinctive appearance, is considered the most secured setting. In this setting, the gemstone is set within a metal groove that borders around the entire gemstone edges. Since the metal securely surrounds the stone, there are minimal chances of abrasion, chips, scratches and tarnish. If your ideal studs have a classic look, bezel set earrings is the way to go.

Four Prong Setting :


Four prong basket setting is the most popular setting for studs. In fact, four prong diamond studs are one of our bestsellers. This traditional setting is prized for its symmetry and elegance. It has a lower center of gravity that pulls the gemstone towards the earlobe. The metal basket gives a secure cushion while the prongs firmly grip the gemstone. Customers and owners purchase this setting during anniversary, birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Three Prong Martini Setting :


With a subtle twist on classic stud earrings, three prong martini settings are the most comfortable to wear. Although, most popular for diamond studs, the setting is great for colored gemstones as well. The setting helps bring out the brilliance of gemstones from infinite angles, creating higher quality and greater value.

With three prongs rising from the same center focal point, they resemble a martini glass when viewed from the side profile. The stone sits lower on the ear and has less metal obstructing the top and side profiles, creating higher levels of popularity and elegance. We mostly recommend three prong martini setting for round stones as they provide more prominence.


Each setting discussed above is popular, but the biggest decision maker is your personal preference. All three settings complement several styles and looks that you are looking to pull off. Fortunately, the price difference between these settings is minimal, so the main determinants are color, clarity, cut and carat weight. In addition, since we are a direct source, you have full flexibility choosing your favorite design and style, including creating your very own. Studs are a treasured gift, adding eternal love to your timeless collection.


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