The bezel setting is one of the earliest methods used to secure a gemstone on the metal. It gives the jewelry piece a distinctive and utterly unique appearance. Be it rings, earrings or pendants, this setting always looks striking.

Define Bezel Setting

What is a bezel setting?

In this type of setting, the metal completely encircles the stone. The thin rim of metal, either decorative or plain, is bent slightly inward to hold the stone in place.

Why choose bezel set jewelry?

In a prong setting, the gemstone is held in place by either bead or claw prongs. On the other hand, the bezel setting surrounds the gem from all sides, keeping it secure at all times. The lustrous metal rim also makes the gemstone appear larger.

Since the gemstone is covered from all sides, this setting also helps in hiding any visible defect, chipping or inclusions. When it comes to soft or moderately hard gemstones, this setting is the best choice as it will protect them from scratching and chipping.

Apart from all these advantages, the bezel setting also adds to the beauty of a jewelry piece. It offers a neater appearance and evokes a sense of elegance as well. For a sleek, modern look a simple bezel set jewelry will be apt. In case you’re looking for something grander, opt for those with sparkling diamond accents.

If you have an active lifestyle, then bezel set jewelry is perfect for you. Gemstones in a bezel setting are less likely get loose or fall off.

How to care for bezel set jewelry?

To maintain the sparkle of your bezel set jewelry, ensure that you clean it frequently. Dirt tends to accumulate in the tiny crevices of the setting and causes the gem to lose its shine. The best way to clean it is by using warm water and mild detergent. Use a soft brush to gently scrub around the stone. Rinse and pat it dry with a soft cloth.

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