Black Diamonds are the hottest entry in the fashion world and the red carpet. Much coveted for its mysterious and mesmerizing color, Black Diamonds are featuring in the latest jewelry trends.

Since at this time, few people know about black diamonds; thus the demand and price are lower. These were not in use as gemstones, are recently gaining more popularity, so they are more affordable. Further, if you are looking at them from investment perspective, statistics reveal that the prices of black diamonds have risen over threefold in the past three years. Black diamonds are actually greenish-black opaque diamonds. The color is not exactly black but a very deep grey or green, which simulates black. There are variations in sizes of white diamonds of same carat. Black diamonds are heavier because of their dense constitution. If viewed from top, black diamonds appear smaller.

As with all diamonds there are four C’s to be considered in black diamonds.

Cut: Cut of the diamond is the most crucial aspect in bringing out the brilliance of the rough stone. A fact to remember is that cut is not the same as shape, but that it results in the creation of the shape.

Clarity: In Black Diamonds the clarity is basically relevant to the surface, particularly the table and the crown. The clarity is one of the most significant factors that determine a Black Diamond’s cost. It indicates how clean the diamond is, whether it has any inclusions or flaws on the surface of the stone. Also, since the black diamonds are opaque the internal flaws are neither visible nor matter.

Carat: Carat is the internationally recognized standard unit for measuring the weight of the diamonds and gemstones. Carat influences the diamond size; however it is difficult to predict the exact size of the diamond on the basis of the carat. Black diamonds are also weighed in carats. Color: Color is the deciding factors of a black diamond’s value. The uniformly spreading jet black color is the best color grade of Black diamonds. These diamonds are also available in dark green, grey or smoky black colors from dense to the slightly translucent.

 Shapes: Black diamonds can be cut in almost all shapes- round, princess, marquise, pear, emerald, etc. and a new stylish variation of rose cut.

At Angara, we have black diamond jewelry in combination with white diamonds. there are black and white diamond journey pendants, black and white diamond designer earrings, black and white diamond hoop earrings, and for that special attraction, round black and white diamond pendant, as well as earrings. The classy pave setting in the earrings and pendant give it that sophistication and elegance that every piece of jewelry strives for. Indulge yourself, for these are as low as less than $ 200.

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