Jewelry is something no woman can get enough of. Whether headed to work, a party or any social event, jewelry is that one thing that can infuse a hint of instant glamour to your look. Now, when we think of jewelry, we often associate it with either sparkling white diamonds or bright and beautiful colored gemstones. While these are fashion staples for every woman, jewelry adorned with black gems is also something that you might want to give a try.


The look of black-color gems against gold or platinum is absolutely glamorous. Whether set in rings, earrings, pendants or bracelets, they sparkle, glimmer and entice the eye. What makes them even more special is the element of mystery and sophisticated elegance they bring along. Be it everyday outfits or evening ensembles, jewelry studded with black-color gems is the perfect way to make a bold yet classic style statement.

If black is your way to go, there are several interesting options at Angara that you can consider. You can either choose the surreal black onyx, the enhanced black diamond or the classic black or Tahitian cultured pearl. Onyx is a gemstone that’s believed to have been very popular with the ancient Romans and Greeks. This stone is often associated with positivity and strength. Enhanced black diamonds make stunning substitutes to naturally occurring black diamonds. They are flawless and full of endless sparkle. For added drama and elegance, choose Tahitian cultured pearls.

It’s true, black never does go out of fashion. Both edgy and timeless, black-color jewelry will make a versatile addition to your jewelry box. There are also pieces in which the black gem is accentuated by white diamonds. Carrie Bradshaw’s five-carat black diamond ring from the film Sex and the City 2, started off a rather untraditional trend among many brides-to-be looking for that perfect engagement or wedding ring. Be it something as special as a wedding or just everyday style, black-color jewelry is something that you must incorporate into your jewelry wardrobe.

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