Did you know October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness month, and pink ribbon is an international symbol for their cause? Pink is identified as a promoter for breast cancer awareness and signifies moral support for cancer patients.


However, since when and why is pink is directly associated with breast cancer? Let’s learn more, including facts behind National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and how you can join their cause.

Pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink is symbolically affiliated with feminism, youth and beauty. It stands for unconditional love, compassion and nurturing. Being sweet and tender, it best represents grace. Considering its impactful presence in a woman’s life, pink was used to symbolize awareness and fight against breast cancer.

Inspired by famous red ribbon AIDS awareness, pink ribbon was first used in Fall of 1991, when Susan G. Komen Foundation distributed pink ribbons to participants in as New York City race for breast cancer survivors.

Susan-G-Komen-for-the-CureImage Source:thefamilycenter.org

Later in 1992, pink ribbon was recognized as an official symbol for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Since then, pink is representing hope for a healthy future, fear for breast cancer and solidarity with sufferers. Pink ribbon (or pink) is used for personal and businesses to show goodwill support towards women.

Angara Supports Cause

Being socially responsible, Angara always stands firm in supporting noble causes. In 2012, the leading gemstone jewelry e-Tailer introduced its pink collection in support of breast cancer awareness month. This collection featured pink sapphire hope pendants in order to connect more people with their cause. Thanks to ongoing care and customer support, this collection was a huge success.


Today, pink collection at Angara has sumptuous options to make you feel beautiful, while helping you support their ultimate cause. Along with richly evocative pink sapphire jewelry, this e-store now boasts a vibrant collection of pink tourmaline rings, earrings and pendants. Keep a close watch on www.Angara.com as we are looking forward to new additions.

Being also one of two October birthstones (second being opal), pink tourmaline is perfect to represent breast cancer awareness. The gemstone is believed to stimulate feelings of love, happiness, joy, and relaxation. It helps calm your senses and relieves stress.

With so much to express, pink tourmaline jewelry at Angara is beautiful, brilliant and bewitching. Whether it’s a jewelry makeover or you are celebrating special moments, pink tourmaline is perfect for all. Moreover, you can save more on your pink tourmaline jewelry when you use code BLUE at checkout. There will be stunning jewelry gifts with your purchase to make your shopping more exciting and memorable.

Pink tourmaline ring, earrings or pendant – which is your favorite jewelry to celebrate October, and why? We look forward to hearing from you in our comment section below.

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