We’ve all dreamt and planned our perfect wedding since childhood. Our wedding will consist of the perfect wedding dress, decorations and gemstone jewelry. With jewelry technology becoming more and more advanced, the demand for the perfect, personalized jewelry has risen exponentially for decades. More importantly, what if the perfect ring, pendant necklace and earrings can come to life? Even better, what if the perfect gemstone jewelry became affordable? Being a direct source for generations, Angara can make your dreams a reality. We not only have the most affordable and ample options, we also provide full flexibility in creating the perfect pieces. In addition to your personalized design, here are a few consistent factors in demand:

Gemstone Quality and Size:

Since you’ll be showing off your ring to all your family and friends, you’ll want the perfect center stone. For example, you may want a sapphire and diamond engagement ring in a larger carat weight with a gorgeous center stone and high quality side stones. For this reason, among others, we offer four qualities of gemstones, good, better, best and heirloom. When you select any stone quality, you’ll see a corresponding description that explains the features and exclusivity.



Metal Selection:

With a click of a button, you can conveniently compare different metal types, including white gold, yellow gold and platinum. We can even create your perfect ring in rose gold. You can also look around for two-tone and three-tone setting. A pretty combination of rose gold and white gold makes a piece of jewelry more adorable. So if a ring like that of Katie Holmes is your choice, you can easily find it at Angara.


Payment Customization:

Sounds a little different? You are absolutely right. When you shop with Angara, you get complete flexibility of payment solutions. You can pay for your purchase in one go or split your payments into multiple easy pay installments. Best of all, in order to make it as convenient as possible, your easy pay installments have 0% Interest Financing.

Payment Customization

Other Features:

You can get a beautiful, personalized message engraved on your ring. For your engraving, you have multiple font styles to choose from. Additionally, we can provide an independent appraisal with a free certificate for your personalized jewelry.


Find the matching jewelry to make a complete set or if you have a design in mind; share it with us to make your dreams come true. From modern trends to classic jewelry, gift ideas to jewelry education, you’ll discover some aesthetic jewelry and enjoy reading some great information.

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