“A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.” It seems as if John Keats, renowned English romantic poet, has described our favorite Cannes Film Festival. Though, the French Film Festival has already witnessed their closing ceremony, beautiful glimpses and glamorous memories will remain and be conversed about until next year.


We’ve already talked about golden stardust sprinkled by our celebrities throughout the thirteen days. Discussing the flatgate  controversy certainly created excitement for us. But, did you know these international celebrities made a smoldering and sizzling appearance at Cannes closing ceremony on May 24th! Let us re-cap what left us awe-inspired:

Izabel Goulart:


Her golden yellow dress mesmerized us and stood out in a star-studded crowd! The Brazilian model’s stunning yellow dress was from Georges Hobeika’s collection. She looked nothing short of angelic beauty for her premiere of Ice and the Sky, which doubled as the closing ceremony for the 68th Film Festival. Her dangling earrings and black high heels added further charm.

Sienna Miller:


More than her dress and golden earrings, what amazed us was her hairstyle. Sienna really turned back time with her twisted hair. Her ‘90s pulled back hairstyle included two tiny twists at the crown of her head.

Shu Qi:


We can’t help, but address this Chinese actress as the most beautiful glamorous lady of the day. She wore Elie Saab gown, which was delicately embellished. Shu made a perfect statement and turned heads as she passed us. The bodice was adorned with butterfly like petals, and cascaded down a multi-colored skirt. She accessorized her show-stopping gown with a slim belt and perfectly glossed jewelry on neckline and ear lobes.

These three women were our hot favorites. Nevertheless, we have more on our list that left us in awe. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Michelle Rodriguez:


A bewitching beauty, she wore a semi-sheer black gown with full sleeves.

Fagun Thakrar:


She showcased the glamour and charm of a mermaid. The critically acclaimed English actress wore a sparkling mermaid gown.

Hofit Golan:


Hofit chose to keep her style conservative and elegant in a slinky tri-colored ensemble.

Emma Miller:


The gorgeous lady donned a lacy red sheer illusion dress, which fit her bod to a T.

Georgina Chapman:


Georgina wore a multi-tiered frock from her own label. The Marchesa co-designer showcased a garden party princess glamour in her floral concept dress.

These are just a few of the most memorable from the closing ceremony. Before we say ‘au revoir’ to the Cannes Film Festival, let’s share our views on which celebrities showcased the best (and worst) beauties and attitudes. Express your feelings and thoughts in the following comment section below.

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