Over this past decade, Angara has received thousands of positive customer reviews and testimonials, and has heard even more amazing love stories. The leading gemstone jewelry e-Tailer is honored to be a part of your life’s beautiful celebrations and milestones. “We are proud to salute our customers’, our fans, and advocates, who inspire us every day.” Here are a few inspirational reviews and testimonials that continue to inspire Angara to ‘make it happen’:


I worked with one of Angara’s jewelers for several months searching for the perfect engagement ring for my fiancé *****. ******* patiently provided me guidance, grading information, and dozens of options in terms of style and settings as I wrestled with the choices. Once I settled on the ring, she personally took charge of searching Angara’s inventory for the optimum stones for the setting, and the results were amazing. She also ensured I got the ring on time for the special moment I planned to propose. ***** accepted the ring and my proposal on Tuesday night, 3 March, in Kauai. ***** absolutely flipped out over the ring and has stated to anyone who would listen how perfect it is and how she couldn’t have found anything she would have liked more. ****’s ability to work patiently and expertly to help me arrive at the selection and subsequently make sure it had the right stones – to include such a brilliant diamond – made the critical difference both in my confidence in the ring, and I’m sure in how it was received by *****.

This is how Edward K summed up his experience with Angara on BBB Business Review in March 2015.


Much like Edward and his fiancé, Angara has helped thousands of people make precious life moments unique and unforgettable over the last ten years. Their carefully handcrafted jewelry has brought a smile on countless faces. So on our 10th Anniversary, we thought to look back at some additional heartwarming experiences shown on Facebook and Pinterest:


It is not just grand occasions for which Angara creates exceptional gemstone jewelry. Jewelry is an everyday affair, which you can adorn according to your convenience. One such ‘everyday jewelry’ experience is by Andrea in her blog My Beautiful Adventures


“One of my favorite things in the world — something that has always been a part of my signature look — are chandelier earrings. The bigger the better! However, my son is in a stage of his life where he loves to grab my jewelry and has on several occasions nearly ripped the earrings from my ears. Thus, I have had to resort to wearing small, delicate earrings, like these gorgeous ones from Angara.


Angara is the gemstone destination and if you are not familiar with it, you should be, as it is one of the best places online to buy fine jewelry. Along with their one-of-a-kind pieces, they also offer customers free shipping worldwide, 30-day returns, a 110% refund policy, and 0% interest financing. They are a completely trustworthy company, which is essential when investing in expensive jewelry. One of my favorite things about their website is that they have a 24/7 hour live-chat in case you have any questions about your potential purchase.


The Angara earrings that I own are vivid sapphires, oval studded in their centers, and flanked by tiny round brilliant diamonds. These blue and white beauties are conch-shaped. This pair of 14k white gold fashion earrings are perfect to wear whether you are a mother or not and make a lovely gift option for any special occasion. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received on them since I started wearing them!”

There are endless such stories and examples, which have helped create, share, and develop relationships. Here are some other customers Angara has served in recent times, who openly shared their experience on BizRate:

“Very impressed with the selection and description of the items.More impressed with the quick shipping. Keeping my fingers crossed that I receive the item over night as requested.” ~ Jack

“I chatted with Angara’s Personal Jeweler while placing my order about some questions I had. He was super helpful and offered great insight”. ~ Sarah

“This is my first order. If the ring meets my expectations I will place future orders.” ~ Jackie

The Angara Team is more than happy to sparkle your world, and bring wonderful memories for years to come. They are certainly looking forward to being a part in your special moments.


Celebrating their 10th Anniversary, Angara is giving away an Extra 15% Off + Free $299 Blue Sapphire Shell Pendant on orders $1,499 and more. Make sure you apply promotion code BLUE at checkout.

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