Birthstone jewelry is an increasing popular trend. Not only stylish, but also makes one feel more individualistic. Most, if not all, gemstones have metaphysical powers and properties. Let us take a look at celebrity birthstone jewelry examples, including some you may be surprised to find out you share:


Garnet is January’s birthstone, and is believed to possess bloodstream purification qualities. Actress Faye Dunaway and supermodel Kate Moss are two superstars born in January.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. It’s synonymous with quiet and peace. In addition, it’s also believed to safeguard owner from intoxication. Princess Stephanie of Monaco and vocalist Roberta Flackare a couple of famous February celebrities.

March’s birthstone is soothing blue aquamarine. Future NBA Hall of Famer, Shaquille O’Neal, heartthrob Freddie Prinze Jr. and vocal artist Liza Minnelli are protected by aquamarine.

If you are an April baby, you don’t need another reason to buy diamonds! The eternally elegant gemstone is actually an April birthstone. Believed to represent true love, diamonds remain as most popular gemstone for wedding jewelry. Jessica Alba and Andre Agassi are two of the best known April celebrities.

Envious emerald is May’s birthstone. British Prime Minister Tony Blair, socialite Bianca Jagger and vocalist Janet Fitzgibbons are some of the best known May born celebrities.

The classy pearl is birthstone for June. It’s seen by various cultures as the symbol of power. Two of the most loved women in showbiz – Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie – were born in the month of Pearl.

Radiant red Ruby is July’s birthstone. True to its name, rubies keep love, passion and romance ignited in your conjugal life. Lindsay Lohan and Tom Cruise are two best known July born.

August is ‘green month’ with Peridot as a birthstone. No wonder nature is a first love of many August borns! CharlizeTheron and Roger Federer are two of the best known celebrities born in August.

Come September and royal color of blue sapphire marks this month. Sapphire is considered mark of joy and peacefulness. The poster babies for sapphire birthstone are actresses Brigitte Bardot and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The fragile opal is October’s birthstone, but let’s not forget about Pink Tourmaline. Although some people believe Opal is a harbinger of bad luck, it is usually associated with purity. Julie Andrews and Hillary Rodham Clinton are two of the best known ladies you can associate with October birthstone.

The golden yellow Citrine is November’s birthstone. It’s a great favorite of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, although not her birthstone. A symbol of sun, citrine cleanses, energizes and gives off a positive vibe. Interestingly, Prince Charles – the Duchess’s Father-in-Law- is a November Born! Other well-known November celebrities include Leonardo Di Caprio and Nickleback front man, Chad Kroeger.

Lastly, December has quite a few birthstones. Although multiple exist, Tanzanite seems to be most popular. Traditionally, Blue Topaz was the original birthstone. Amanda Seyfried and OzzyOsbourne are two best known December babies.

What is your Birthstone, and how do you like to wear your birthstone jewelry? Do you know other celebrities, which did not make our list? Let us know below!

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