round-emerald-interlinked-trillion-pendant-sp0136eStart the week with a significant piece of jewelry. Our ‘Product of the Week‘ – ‘The Celtic Knot Channel Emerald Pendant’ is a beautiful, symbolic and timeless. This captivating pendant from our Emerald Pendants Collection is expertly handcrafted in California, USA. With its traditional look, the pendant is a thoughtful choice for everyday style or a special gift.

Celtic knots are also known as pure knots as they have complete loops with no beginning or end. These knots highlight the belief of Celts in the interconnectedness of life and eternity. Handcrafted in 14k yellow gold, our lovely knot is studded with perfectly matched emeralds. As every element of this pendant has its own significance, it becomes a valuable piece of jewelry to represent the treasured sentiments and lasting faith.

Emerald represents nature. It is a gem of fertility, new life, everlasting spring and love. Gold, whether you choose White Gold or Yellow Gold, represents enduring strength and timeless glow. Whether you are looking for a gift to represent your emotions for the loved one or want something spectacular to match with your style, this pendant is perfect. You will certainly love it for its beauty craftsmanship and symbolism.

Celtic symbols are always praised and desired by people. They make a great design for jewelry especially pendants. People love to adorn and gift Celtic style jewelry. Having a Celtic knot pendant in your collection would definitely make you feel proud of your choice. Moreover, the emerald pendant that comes with a free 18-inches chain is perfect to match your dynamic personality, and you can top it off with any ensemble. It will look fabulous.

Surprise! For a limited time, this remarkable Emerald Celtic Knot Pendant is available at a jaw dropping value of 15% Off. To widen your eyes, the offer includes assured free jewelry gifts. Simply use the code SP0136E15 at checkout and make this pendant all yours at a value never expected.


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