Chandelier earrings are back and everyone is wearing them. These shoulder kissing ornaments add a spectacular charm to the personality and ensure that you are the cynosure of all eyes. They are great to jazz up any outfit and can be worn without any additional jewelry. Feminine, stylish and flamboyant, chandelier earrings are a favorite accessory!


Inspired and named after the elaborate chandelier light fixtures, these earrings are long and branched and dangle from an earring base like a stud or hook. Traditionally, the long branched earrings with teardrop gemstones are what we know as chandeliers. But the contemporary casual style with modern settings and designs are also a huge fashion favorite. They have a subtle and classy touch and perfectly match with every look.


Set in various metals like gold, silver, platinum and decorated with precious and semi-precious gems in various designs, chandeliers are available in wide range. There could -be affordable variants and very expensive ones. But, one thing is pretty visible – chandelier earrings are a fashion staple that every woman should have.


Even the tinsel town divas are bewitched by these baubles and often flaunt them at various occasions. And here we have a few celebs flaunting their chandelier earrings!



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