“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.” George Eliot has truly inspired forthcoming auctions in Hong Kong. These June 2nd and June 3rd jewelry auctions will let us witness the most dazzling and vivid colored gemstones worldwide.


Without further ado, let’s discuss what we can expect from the upcoming auctions, and how much bidding is estimated:

Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Sale:


Christie’s auctions are renowned worldwide, bringing us the most astonishing and unheard of treasures. According to auction house, the Spring season sale comprises jewels from four private collectors, including K’ung Hsiang His, who is married to one of the most famed Soong sisters. Let’s see what excitement is planned this time. Further, let’s discuss the topmost from 300 jewels.

Pink Diamond Ring:


Set in 18K rose gold and platinum, the ring features a 9.07-carat intense pink diamond. The fancy diamond is internally flawless, rectangular in shape and mounted by Harry Winston. Its pre-sale estimated value ranges between $12.3 Million and $15.5 Million.

Ruby Necklace and Ring:


Set in 18K white gold, the necklace from Etcetera is encrusted with diamonds, oval and cushion-shaped rubies. Its pre-sale value is estimated between $7.25 Million and $11.4 Million. A Burmese pigeon’s blood red ruby (extremely exclusive) and forever brilliant diamond ring from Etcetera is another highlight. This ring is estimated to bring in $1.55 Million to $2.33 Million.

Multi-Gem Pendant:


A fascinating necklace, showcasing Spring colors will demand attention. Green Jadeite, red ruby and dazzling diamonds are mounted on 18K white gold. This gorgeous jewelry piece is estimated to be auctioned from $3.62 Million to $4.92 Million.

Bonham’s Fine Jewelry and Jadeite Sale:


Scheduled for June 3rd, this auction will headline exceptional fancy colored diamonds. Graeme Thompson, Director of jewelry for Bonham’s Asia, stated their catalogue will highlight statement pieces unseen at auctions for over ten years! Their extensive selection consists of antique and periodic jewelry, including incomparable pieces from both Cartier and Van Cleef and Arpels. Let’s see what comprises this vast collection:

Yellow Diamond:


More specifically, this yellow diamond encompasses a velvety color, 22.57 carats, VS2 clarity and is rectangular in shape. This rich gemstone is estimated to fetch between $1.55 Million and $2.32 Million. The auction house says this vivid yellow diamond has not been offered at any auction over the last decade. We can sense buyer anxiety and excitement.

Pink Diamond:


A cushion-shaped, 1.51-carat pinkish purple diamond is another highlight for this highly anticipated show. The fancy diamond is VS2 clarity and pre-sale estimated value ranges between $322,416- and $451,391.

Finally, here are other jewels that will lead the colored gemstone category:

1) 3.15-carat, cushion-shaped fancy intense yellowish green diamond valued at $167,657 to $206,345.


2) 8.03-carat, fancy vivid orangish yellow heart-shaped pendant with a pre-sale estimation of about $502,969 to $580,352.


3) 14.1-carat, Kashmir sapphire and diamond ring.


4) Pair of Burmese pigeon’s blood ruby and diamond earrings.


5) Lavender jadeite, sapphire and diamond necklace.


6) Emerald and diamond cuff by Cartier circa 1925.


We are extremely thrilled to learn about these showstopper gemstones in advance. What are your feelings, mesmerized yet? Which one is your favorite sparkle? Share with us your choice in the comment section below. We look forward to knowing your style and taste.


  1. Ruby necklace and ring from Etcetera is simply stunning. For how much did they get auctioned for?

    1. Hello Bonna,

      You are absolutely right! The Etcetera ruby-diamond necklace and ring is stunning, magnificent, and incomparable. Great questions, and the answers are simply astonishing. The Etcetera necklace sold for $6.4 Million, and the ring itself sold for $4,226,500, setting a record for a ruby per carat at $512,925. The biggest auctions, bringing in the largest amounts, including these fine works of art, are from none another than Christie’s!

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