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No recent gemstone discovery has had more of an impact on the world gemstone market than Tanzanite.  Tanzanites are rarer than diamonds and extremely beautiful stones. This precious gemstone was discovered in Tanzania in 1967. It is said that Masai tribesmen walking through the plains of Tanzania came across a stone that was seen to be hit with lightning.



Tanzanite is marketed as the gemstone to give to a mother with a new born child.  The Masai of Africa believes that this stone brings life and Tiffany and Co. has marketed this idea to millions making it a great gemstone for new mothers.

Tanzanite’s mass appeal lies in its great color, a mixture of two gem favorites: sapphire and amethyst.  Popular for its rich violet-blue to purple tones, Tanzanite has tonal depth comparable to sapphire. Rarely found in a pure blue, Tanzanite almost always displays purple overtones.

How to choose the right Tanzanite

The standard four C’s we have heard so often for diamonds are applicable to tanzanite as well. While all four Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat affect the value but unlike diamonds, color in tanzanite is the most significant feature. The velvety blue tanzanite is most desirable given that it has the perfect hue, tone, and saturation. A handy tip of getting the best deal is to go for larger sizes as they display the beauty of this gemstone at the best.

Tanzanite care

Tanzanite is a relatively hard gemstone, but it is not equally durable. Tanzanite may chip or break if exposed to moderate blows or sudden changes in temperature.

Tanzanite should never be cleaned with an ultrasonic or steam machine.

Tanzanite can be cleaned with plain soap and warm water using a soft brush. Be sure to rinse and dry thoroughly after cleaning.

Do not wear Tanzanite jewelry when doing physical work like gardening, cooking, clothes washing etc. This gemstone is a bit more delicate than many other gemstones and therefore cannot be worn when doing strenuous activity.

Tanzanite in History

Because it was discovered only 45 years ago, in 1967, it does not have a very long legend, history or beliefs associated with it. But in almost half century since its discovery Tanzanite has managed to be viewed as one of the most exciting additions in the field of gemstones.

One of the most famous tanzanite stone is the 242 carats “Queen of Kilimanjaro”. It has been set in a beautiful tiara along with 803 tsavorite garnets and 913 diamonds.

The enormous popularity it has managed garner is due to its beautiful color and rarity

Tanzanite and the Red Carpet!

Tanzanite jewelry in a very short span has managed to become a rage among celebrities. Celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Penelope Cruz, Karina Smirnoff, Teri Hatcher, Elle  MacPherson, Olivia Wilde and Natascha McElhone have worn tanzanite jewelry at the red carpet.

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