Engagement rings are available in a mind-boggling variety of designs. But just the way some clothes look fabulous on a certain body type, the right ring style too can flatter your hands. How do you decide which one will best suit you? Well, instead of relying on the trial and error method, you can keep in mind the following tips to make the experience a tad smoother. So read on…

PS: To avoid confusion, we have focused on 5 different types of fingers and the styles that work for them.

Long & Slender


If that’s the type of fingers you have then you‘re certainly going to be spoilt for choice! Almost all types of rings flatter long and slender fingers. A great option for you will be a combination of big and small gemstones on a wide band. This type of ring will not just balance out the length, but also exude an elegant appeal.

We recommend: Diamond Cluster Bypass Ring in Two Tone Gold

Long & Wide


Rings with large center stones look particularly beautiful on such fingers; so do try some dramatic designs. Avoid delicate patterns as they will draw focus to the fullness of the fingers. Instead, opt for bold statement rings with wide bands because you’ll be able to carry them effortlessly.

We recommend: Ruby and Diamond Double Halo Ring



Thin bands embedded with delicate stones will beautifully complement your petite fingers. Large stones, on the other hand, will make your short fingers look stouter, and hence they must be avoided.

We recommend: Vintage Inspired Two Stone Diamond Ring with Diamond Accents



If you have wide fingers then avoid choosing rings with narrow stones as they will make them look even wider. A rectangular or emerald shaped gem, on the other hand, is a great option. They will look beautiful set on a medium or thick band, surrounded by clusters of stones as they will help cover the width of your finger.

We recommend: Classic Three Stone Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Ring

Short & Plump


As your fingers are short and plump, the focus should be on how you can make them appear longer. The answer? Opt for thinner bands with an oval stone. They will complement you by taking the attention away from the width and putting the spotlight on the sleek stones instead.

We recommend: Solitaire Oval Aquamarine Bypass Ring with Pave Diamond Accents

If you do end up finding a ring that you absolutely love, but it does not flatter your finger then fret not. Try the same ring with a different stone size, big or small as per the shape of your finger. You may just be surprised to find that this simple trick can actually work in your favor.

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