Holidays can be the perfect time to shop for jewelry with great deals and year-end sales. Your desired gemstone rings, wedding rings and engagement rings are available at reasonable offers. If you are planning on a proposal in the upcoming months, this is the perfect time to find the perfect ring.


When selecting the ring, there are several factors to consider. Apart from the gemstone(s), metal types, styles and designs, knowing the ring size is almost as important. Especially, if the ring is a surprise, finding out the ring size can present a challenge. Here are a few important factors to consider when determining the ring size:

  • Weather: In cold weather, fingers shrink while in warm weather they often expand.
  • Daytime: The ring size can vary from morning to night. The best time to measure the size of her finger is in the evening (fingers are smaller in the morning).
  • Weight: During pregnancy, swelling and weight gain is the norm. The good news is excessive weight gain is not permanent, and the original ring size will soon be back to normal.
  • Hand: Right and left hand fingers have different ring sizes. Measure the sizes of the finger and knuckle intended to wear the ring on. The knuckle is the widest part of your finger. Your ring should fit comfortably. We offer ring sizes down to the 1/4th of a size.

Finding the Ring Size


There are multiple methods to find out the ring size of your finger. The most precise is to ask a local jeweler. If going to the jeweler is too obvious, ask for one of our at home ring sizer. You may also review the ring sizer chart available on our website, under Jewelry Guide. Ultimately, you are looking to measure the inner circumference.


Alternatively, using a paper strip or string is another easy way to find the size. Cut a strip and wrap around the finger. Mark the point where the long end overlaps, and measure the length with a ruler. Next, locate the measurement on the printed chart. If your measurement falls in between two sizes, we can go with a 1/4th size or we recommend going with the bigger size for helping blood circulation.

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