Diamond-Engagement-Ring-Alternatives - Infographic


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    1. Hello AslKaplan,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. You have great taste. Our knot diamond rings are one of our highest client recommended and praised rings. The knot within the ring style symbolizes eternal love, and the diamonds symbolize eternal strength. Diamonds are actually the hardest gemstone on Mohs scale because they are pure carbon. This ring signifies and receives the best of both worlds. You may also like our crossover rings as well. If you may have any interest, we have some amazing promotions going on right now, including free shipping to United Kingdom. We look forward to hearing from you, including your wonderful insights and thoughts.

  1. I would love to wear a sapphire engagement ring. But, I don’t want to buy expensive ring.
    Is there any alternate to sapphire ring, but it should be in blue color?

    1. Mary Phillip,

      Great news! First, Angara is a direct source, so you’ll be confident knowing and shopping our widest collection of sapphire engagement rings. In addition to the four different stone qualities, multiple total carat weights and metal type recommendations, if you are looking for a great substitute for sapphire, take a look at tanzanites. They have a primarily blue hue with a secondary hue of violet. Similarly, if you are considering Ruby, consider Garnet. If you are considering Emerald, consider Peridot or Alexandrite. We have over 7,000 ring designs, and can customize and personalize your own engagement ring at a very affordable rate. Contact one of our Personal Jewelers, and they will make sure your engagement ring turns out beautiful and falls within your budget range. We look forward to hearing from you.

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