Beloved actress Elizabeth Taylor once said, “Big girls need big Diamonds.” Most women can certainly relate to her quote. These dazzling gemstones have allured our hearts since discovery. Popular choice for engagement rings, diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, but leave us speechless when encrusted in jewelry designs.

Did you know other than displaying angelic beauty and being birthstone for April, diamonds also possess several healing properties and mystical powers? Let’s discuss this forever-brilliant gemstone in detail, and learn more about their properties and powers:


Renowned repeatedly as hardest gemstone (pure carbon), it measures 10 (10 being the highest) on Mohs scale of hardness. For this reason, this sparkling eternal gemstone is associated with, ‘Diamonds are forever!’ Their name is derived from the Greek word ‘adamas,’ which translates to unbreakable. Its eloquent beauty can easily be enhanced, by cutting into any shape and/or size, bringing your dream jewelry to life.


Evolving from deep inside earth’s layers, diamonds are formed after many years at extreme temperatures and pressures. Although, most loved and praised in their colorless form, diamonds come in a spectrum of hues, including pink, yellow, blue black, and others, which are more commonly referred to as fancy diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) implemented a grading system to evaluate diamonds, based on four aspects; Cut, clarity, color and carat weight. You may hear about other appraisal institutions such as EGL or AGS, but GIA is the most accurate and valued.


Celebrated as a 60th anniversary gemstone, diamond is believed to bestow love, abundance, purity, harmony and prosperity on the owner. A sign of commitment and fidelity, your powerful gemstone is believed to instill trust in a relationship. Complimenting most colored gemstones, they increase power of all surrounding and/or adjacent gemstone(s). Diamonds are said to relieve stress and fear; stimulate creativity, imagination and ingenuity. Additionally, they aid in spiritual evolution. Moreover, owning a diamond is said to purify and detoxify body’s system, build stamina, but also rebalance our metabolism. Most interestingly, diamonds are known to effectively treat dizziness and vertigo symptoms, and improve our brain functionality.


Consider the above mentioned diamond facts interesting? Wait until you include diamond(s) in your gemstone jewelry collection. What do you love most about diamonds, their irresistible beauty, properties and/or powers? Why? Share with us your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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