Every wedding season, we experience new trends, including accessories, clothes, fashions, themes, colors, cuisines and wedding decorations.. Now is the time to forget a harsh winter, and embrace fresh sights of Spring.


Though each wedding season is beautiful, we certainly feel the excitement and goose bumps during springtime nuptials. There are countless color combinations, styles and themes to turn an ordinary wedding into a bride’s dream come true. Just like Spring calls for blossoming flowers and lush gardens, weddings bring out the best in sparkling brilliant diamond jewelry.

If you are planning to tie the knot this year or you may know someone that will be, pay special attention. We are presenting diamond bridal jewelry ideas with a unique, modern twist.

Engagement Rings


Giving or receiving an engagement ring embarks on a relationship journey of lifelong commitment. Although, engagement ring trends are highly influenced by celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Sofia Vergara, not every ring needs a massive solitaire round, heart-shaped and/or princess-cut diamond.

Wedding bands


More often than not, women have an innate intuition towards diamond’s resplendence, and thus, choose eternity wedding bands. Similarly, men’s wedding bands have witnessed a major shift from plain metals to designer bands in yellow gold, white gold and/or platinum.

Ring Sets


How about choosing both engagement and wedding rings in a bundle? In fact, when you select an engagement ring and wedding band ring set flushed together, you save money, time and frustration. Further, a stunning diamond ring set halo is a dream come true as both rings complement one another, and become a perfect fit like a Cinderella story.

Studs and Chandeliers


What style of earrings fits your personality most? As a bride and bridesmaid, diamond stud earrings are timeless and classic. They feature diverse and exquisite design styles. While we all look for one-of-a-kind fashion, diamond drops and chandeliers are a wedding buzz.

Statement necklaces


White strapless wedding gowns do seek elaborate diamond necklines. Diamond statement necklaces with yellow and rose gold touches are a surprising masterpiece. Moving away from traditional limitations, you can opt for dainty embellished chains and heart pendants in two-toned gold.

Elegant bracelets


With most red carpet events and fashion weeks unveiling the charisma of wrist jewelry, modern brides have added phenomenal bracelets to their bridal jewelry list. Angara, the leading jewelry e-Tailer, offers you the most exclusive, refined and cultured bracelet pieces for your upcoming wedding.

Tiaras and headbands

It’s not just rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings that 2015 brides are admiring. Royal accessories like tiaras and headbands studded with sparkling forever brilliant gemstones contribute to a graceful wedding trend. Your family and friends are envisioning you as a queen, walking down the aisle in fashionable hairdo and make-up. Whether you choose a vintage or contemporary theme for your big day, headbands and headdresses are sure to give you extra looks.


Weddings are the perfect occasion to unfold elegance and sophistication. Get into Spring season’s emerging bridal jewelry trends, and become an even more unforgettable bride. Shop from Angara’s extensive wedding and bridal jewelry collection, and make a lovable impression on the wedding carpet this year.

Tell us how you plan to turn your big wedding day into a dream come true. We’d like to hear about your wedding plans.


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