Your engagement and wedding rings are the symbols of the forever love and commitment shared between you and your better half. These rings glow with the warmth of the sentiments they represent, and you’ll want to cherish them for a lifetime. After the amount of effort you invest in finding the perfect rings, it is of vital importance that you put equal care in retaining their beauty and glow.

With the help of these handy tips, the maintenance of your engagement ring and wedding band will become more simplified.



  • Keep it clean: If you tend to wear your rings and work often, then dust will get settled in the crevices of the stone(s) and also dull the shine of the band. Be cautious about this and inspect the rings at least once in a month to ensure the setting and stones are intact. This can be followed by a mild cleaning session with the help of soap water solution and a soft brush.
  • Take it off (sometimes): Certain activities can cause permanent damage or even lead to the loss of your rings. So if you plan to engage in hiking or swimming or even simple chores like gardening and washing utensils, it would be advisable to keep your rings aside. This simple measure will save your precious jewelry from unnecessary damage.
  • Store it safely: Your rings are a mark of love and need to be kept safe. Remember to store them in separate fabric-lined boxes. You can also talk to your jeweler and find out about the best storage options.


  • Remove in public places: Keeping aside your rings while washing your hands is a good practice, but there’s also a possibility of it falling into the sink. So never remove your rings in washrooms and public spaces as there are higher chances of them getting misplaced.
  • Touch the center stone: Frequently touching the center stone of your ring, while wearing or removing may cause the setting to loosen up. This may eventually result in chipping or the stone falling off. So be careful and make it a practice to use the band for handling the ring.
  • Don’t let it come into contact with harsh chemicals: Abrasive chemicals can be a source of immense damage to your precious jewels. Having your ring corrode or stained while using some form of chemical will be a huge risk to take. Therefore, be attentive and keep your ring away from harsh detergents, perfumes, hairstyling products, etc.
  • Avoid multiple resizing or upgrades: Resizing and upgrades are nice, but over a period of time they may cause harm to the sparklers on your hand. Opting for them frequently can change the shape of your ring and loosen the setting. So let the rings stay as they are and avoid going for more than one resizing or upgrade.

With these handy tips, you are good to go around flaunting your rings. Fortnightly or monthly cleaning sessions can go a long way in restoring their bling. Lastly, remember your rings are meant to be worn, so don’t be over-cautious and permanently box them up.

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