Buying fine jewelry online is great! You enjoy good discounts throughout the year, and get to pick from a multitude of beautiful options in the comfort of your home. There’s just one part that may leave you slightly confused – choosing the right ring size. Lack of this little detail can especially make things stressful if you plan to surprise someone with a lovely gift.

But decoding it isn’t rocket science. Just follow these easy tips and get things rolling…


Use Our Printable Guide

If you’ve ever wondered which is the easiest way to find your ring size, then this is the answer. Take a printout of Angara’s ring sizing guide, and place an existing ring on the ‘circle’ that seems most appropriate. Make sure that the inner diameter of your current ring and the option you’ve picked on the guide is a perfect match. If you’re confused between two sizes, then always go for the larger one.

Angara's Ring Sizer

Order a Ring Sizer:

If you don’t have a ring to compare the size with, then this frequently used tool will be quite handy. All you need to do is slip your finger into the loop which fits comfortably. Remember to pick a size that is snug enough that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle.

Give us a call on 1-888-926-4272, and we’ll dispatch a free plastic ring sizer, which should reach you within 5 business days. Keep it at home for future use or pass it on to your friends and other family members who would like to decode their ring size.

Ring Sizer

If it’s a Surprise for Someone Else:

If you have access to this person’s existing ring, then simply follow the first tip and measure it against our printable guide to find out the right size. If you cannot get hold of their ring and are trying to be discreet about this purchase then take the help of a close family member or a friend. They can buy an inexpensive fashion ring together, which can be tactfully bought back to you. Your ‘partner in crime’ can also get details about the concerned person’s ring size and style preferences during a casual conversation. If you plan to go ahead with this, make sure the person is trustworthy and not someone who’ll ruin your surprise.

Surprise to Her

Good to know…

  • Free Resizing: Angara offers all customers the option to resize their ring during the first year of ownership. This is done free of cost and is applicable to all rings present on To get your ring resized, you simply need to call us on 1-888-926-4272.
  • In comparison to thin bands, rings with thick bands will always be slightly tighter. Keep this in mind and order for a full size up when opting for such a piece.
  • Fingers on each hand can have different sizes. So instead of assuming, always confirm the measurements before placing an order.
  • Water retention can cause your fingers to become fuller than usual, therefore avoid checking the size when you’re feeling bloated. Similarly, cold weather can cause your skin to shrink, while heat can cause it to expand. Make a note of this and check the ring size at normal room temperature.
  • Angara has a superb collection of rings in vintage style, solitaire, three-stone and many other fabulous designs. We also have a great Customer Service team who’ll be happy to help you with questions related to your ring size or any absolutely anything else. Simply call us on 1-888-926-4272 or write to us at
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