From grocery shopping, office hours to fun night outs; life is all about being on the move. And looking your best while you’re at it can be a struggle? Well, not really when you have some sparkling accessories to help you out.

Here are some quick tips to look glamorous and shine effortlessly, while you’re on the go.

Everyday Chores


Whether it’s picking up kids from the school, shopping at the supermarket or getting your car’s oil changed, looking classy is not difficult. And the perfect jewelry options to make you feel like a million bucks are a necklace and a pair of dangle earrings.

Why it works: You can wear them together or individually, either way they’ll make you look uber glamorous, especially if they are adorned with sparkling gems. From a summer dress to a casual pair of jeans, they will certainly amp up your style in no time!

Office Hours


Accessorizing your work outfit depends on the dress code, culture and the type of industry you belong to. In any case, you can never go wrong if you choose to exude a sophisticated charm. Your best jewelry options to do so? We suggest a pair of stackable rings, drop earrings and/or a tennis bracelet.

Why it works: All of these jewelry pieces offer the perfect blend of finesse and sparkle. However, when it comes to work wardrobe, do try to choose quality over quantity.

For Workouts


It’s not easy for everyone to find the motivation to flex muscles at the gym, sweat it out at yoga or even step outdoors for a run. But looking good certainly does give you a push. So while you invest in great looking workout gear, do not forget to add the right hint of glamour with a beautiful pair of stud earrings.

Why it works: Simplicity is the key here. This awesome jewelry set clings to your ears and won’t interfere with your routine in any way. Day or night, this one is a sure-shot winner.

Night Out


A great night out with friends calls for a gorgeous outfit that showcases your personal sense of style. The jewelry you choose for this needs to not just complement your look, but also make you feel priceless.  And what better way than colored stones! Pink sapphires, blue diamonds, black onyx, deep red garnets and more; they all offer a foolproof way to elevate your glam quotient.

Why it works: No matter what type of jewelry piece you choose, colored stones have a mesmerizing allure about them that never disappoints. So experiment with colored stones and pick something that best suits your look.

Tempted to shop for stunning pieces of jewelry? Check out Angara’s versatile collection that has something awesome in store for everyone. After all, every day is the perfect day to make a style statement!

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