Emerald cut diamond engagement rings are the most liked engagement rings. A diamond engagement ring is every girl’s fantasy and when the diamond is emerald cut it adds sheer beauty and grace to the piece of heart. Emerald cut is a rectangular cut with rounded corners and step like pattern. The trimmed corners prevent the stone from breaking and the step pattern allows light to reflect from different angles, giving the stone an understated sparkle and elegance.

Emerald Cut and Baguette Diamond Three Stone Ring

Royalties and celebrities have great passion for emerald-cut engagement rings. From Camilla Rosemary to Elizabeth Taylor and Jennifer Lopez, everyone has a stunning emerald-cut diamond ring on their ring finger to show the statement of their brilliant choice.

Charles Camilla Engagement Ring

Camilla Parker Bowles, now Camilla Rosemary was given an 8 carats emerald-cut diamond engagement ring by Prince Charles. The ring was a Windsor family heirloom that belonged to Queen Elizabeth. It has a 1920s platinum setting with three diamond baguettes on each side. Though it was not the most popular royal engagement but of course the ring is one of the most treasured jewels from royalties.

Grace Kelly Engagement Ring

Another noteworthy royal engagement ring in emerald cut belongs to the Princess of Monaco. This 10.47 carat diamond ring was given by Prince Rainier to Grace Kelly as an engagement present. The ring was fashioned in platinum and exhibits two diamond baguettes along with the shinning center stone.

Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring

Elizabeth Taylor is known for her bewitching beauty, love for the bling and her 8 marriages. She is also known for her emerald-cut diamond engagement ring which she received from her third husband Michael Todd. This 29.4 carat stunner was said to be one of the most regal pieces she received from her lovers.

Kate Hudson Engagement Ring

One more celebrity who has a not-to-miss emerald-cut diamond ring is Kate Hudson. Her nine carats center stone is set on a tapered baguettes platinum band. This $200,000 engagement ring from fiancé Matthew Bellamy is truly a perfect example of emerald-cut rings.

Paris Hilton Engagement Ring

How the list could be completed without mentioning Paris Hilton’s 24 carats engagement ring. After six months of dating Paris Latsis, a Greek shipping heir proposed Hilton with a $4.7 million emerald-cut diamond ring. Though the engagement was called off after five months, still the ring was beautiful enough to make its space in our list.


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