Here’s the most awesome emerald pendant you could choose. Round emeralds are set in a trillion interlinked design for that uber trendy look.

Emerald Interlinked Trillion Pendant

The pendant is provided with an 18 inch yellow gold chain for ease in wearing.

The 100% natural emeralds in this pendant are handpicked for their brilliance and beauty. Made by the finest craftsmen, this emerald pendant is bound to make you feel more regal than in any of your other jewelry.

Emeralds are evaluated first on the basis of color, and the rest of the features follow thereafter.

Traditionally the gemstone that symbolized eternal hope and health, this is the most poetic way of emphasizing the young heart and purity within the person who wears it.

Emeralds are said to confer peace upon the wearer and usher luck in various areas of their lives. Emeralds were used for their medicinal properties also, for eye and digestive ailments.

This pendant is of heirloom quality and still is available in three easy interest free installments. Imagine, just about $ 200 for three months, and you have an emerald pendant you would be glad to gift to your descendants! Not thinking of any, choose from ‘better’ and ‘best’ qualities in identical designs to move lower on the budget scale.

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