What you think when you think of an emerald? Spring! Love! Growth! And have you thought of fashion? Emerald is a fascinating stone of beryl family with the magnificent hues of green. In the ancient times, it was associated with the Greek goddess Venus and considered the gem of love and loyalty.

This birthstone of May still has the same charm and today also it equally enlightens the wearer as it used to do in the old times. Not only are the mystical features emerald poses, it also has the lush green beauty that makes it a favorite of royalties, celebrities and everyday people.

The red carpet looks of emerald are noteworthy. Whether it’s Cannes Film Festival or the New York Critics circle awards and even the Golden Globes and the larger than life Academy Awards, the light and grace of emerald jewelry easily makes its way everywhere.

It effortlessly outshines other glittery jewels through the lush green hints. Even this year the celebrities have spotted their love for ravishing emerald jewelry. Bold emerald rings and pendants made a fresh arrival on the red carpet and they were heartily welcomed by viewers.

Angelina Jolie once again selected emerald jewelry for her spectacular red carpet arrival. She had chosen a bold emerald pendant with radiant emerald earrings for New York Film Critics Circle Awards. Similarly, Julianne Moore had arrived at the red carpet of 69th Golden Globes with emerald green and black looks. The blonde teamed up her black gown with emerald dangling earrings and an oval emerald ring for that enviously beautiful style. Even Lea Michele’s picture perfect beauty had a pop of green. Brooke Anderson’s huge emerald teardrop earrings were a punctuation of classic glamor.

There is something special with the gem that even after centuries the craze and shine of emerald jewelry is same. It is in fact increasing with every passing day.

If you also like to add some splash of green to your style senses then go for emerald rings and earrings. You’ll surely make a marked difference with your outstanding choice and graceful collection.

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