We’ve already mentioned about red carpet hotness at ESPY Awards. We definitely got drenched in glamour and stardust sprinkled by our beloved athletes and Hollywood celebrities. We cheered when our heartthrobs were awarded for their excellence in sports, and expressed disappointment when some of our favorites did not. Amidst these celebrations and happiness, we witnessed some very special moments. These memorable moments are surely engraved deep in our hearts and we will cherish them for life. Let us check out some of the most memorable moments of ESPY Awards:


Alex Rodriguez

Alex read a full-fledged two pages long apology. Ironically, he apologized for everything, but the most important matters. His letter spanned from Game of Thrones spoiler to gluten, water shortage in California to Greece’s economy circling down the drain! We kept waiting for the real matter to arrive, but unfortunately, it never did!

Danielle Green


We loved seeing her win a PAT Tillman Award. She excelled for five years as an excellent point guard at Notre Dame. Next, Danielle headed off to Iran to serve her country, where she lost her left arm from elbow up. This happened from a rocket propelled grenade explosion.

Britney Spears and J.J. Watt


While presenting the award for Best Female Athlete to Ronda Rousey, they both got engaged in some light flirting; scripted of course. Watt confessed that ‘Hit Me, Baby, One More Time’ was a great inspiration to him.

Devon Still


Leah Still is stronger than any child of her age, but also you and me. She is receiving daily radiation treatment and couldn’t travel to ESPY Awards, but her father, Devon Still came here and accepted Jimmy V Perseverance award on her behalf. We were all stunned by his speech; we wish her a speedy and full recovery.

Tribute to Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill will remain an incredible inspiration to athletes worldwide. She suffered with an inoperable brain tumor, but decided not to end her life lying down. Lauren joined Ohio’s Mount Saint Joseph women’s basketball team and scored first and last baskets in a game against Hiram College. Though, she passed away five months later, she will forever inspire each and every one of us.

Caitlyn Jenner


As she received the Arthur Ashe Award, she gave one of the most powerful speeches in recent years. Caitlyn said, “Feel however you want about it. But to be yourself; to be different, unapologetically, and in the face of so many adversity – that takes courage.”

These memorable and special moments left us in tears on one hand, and gave us immense motivation and inspiration on the other. How did you feel after hearing them speak? Share with us your feelings.

Image Source: https://www.today.com/parents/devon-still-accepts-espy-award-cancer-battling-daughter-leah-t31941


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    1. Bonna,

      We certainly shed a tear or two hearing Devon’s speech, and her daughter’s struggle with Cancer. ‘Cancer’ has truly become one of the scariest words today. What his daughter went through at such an early age is mind boggling, but Devon’s struggle for not knowing where to turn to, drinking his pain away, and realizing that’s not the right way moved us in many ways. It was sad to hear his daughter’s story, but if he wasn’t there as much as possible, the story would have certainly got much more devastating. If there is any positive inspiration from his speech, it is without a doubt, him bringing awareness to the world. Devon and her daughter’s story is incredibly inspirational, and makes us realize not to take life for granted, and cherish the moments we have with our loved ones.

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