Make way for amethyst, the gem that perfectly complements the Pantone color of the year – Ultra Violet. From royals to celebrities, all favor this captivating purple rock. Always in vogue, the February birthstone also makes an enchanting gift for couples celebrating their 6th or 17th wedding anniversary. This velvety purple gem adds oomph and sparkle to all your attires making it an ideal choice for any occasion.

February Birthstone - Amethyst

From the past:

For centuries, people have showered amethysts with appreciation and admiration. This gem derived its name from the ancient Greek word ‘amethustos’, meaning ‘sober’, as it was believed to prevent its wearer from getting drunk. There are a variety of interesting legends surrounding this vivid purple jewel. In Greek mythology, it is said that the tears of the God of wine and revelry, Dionysus, colored the amethyst in a purple hue.

Holding a position of pride in religious adornments as well as royal jewelry, amethysts were once considered to be as valuable as rubies and sapphires. Therefore it comes as no surprise that this gem became a part of the British crown jewels, and was also worn by bishops. Romans believed that Saint Valentine himself wore an amethyst ring which had a cupid engraved on it. Soon this gem became a representation of true love.

What it symbolizes:

Throughout history, amethyst has been bestowed with countless positive attributes. Its virtues include enhancing peace, confidence, improving memory and keeping thoughts in sync with life goals. It is believed to endow the wearer with quick intelligence, bravery and control of one’s thoughts. It was also said to protect its wearer from diseases and help in gaining victory. In short, amethyst encourages humility, perfection, wisdom, spirituality as well as sincerity.

How to wear:

The purple-hued amethyst goes well with shades of blue, indigo, purple and pink. It also lends liveliness to basic black and white outfits. You can totally transform the look of a demure black dress by pairing it with an enticing amethyst cocktail ring. A simple amethyst pendant or a pair of amethyst drop/dangle earrings can add class and elegance to your professional attire. A glamorous evening dress combined with dramatic amethyst jewelry is a definite showstopper. This jewel looks even more luxurious when teamed up with sparkling diamonds. Whether set in white gold, yellow gold or platinum, an amethyst never fails to make a wonderful impression.

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