Here we go, with the first major award ceremony of 2015, Golden Globes Awards, which happened at Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, on Sunday evening. Together with honoring A-list stars for their phenomenal performances, it was an extravagant display of gorgeous gowns, shimmering jewelry, dapper makeup, lovely hairdos and glittering clutches. Shining white diamonds took over the red carpet. If not particularly in jewelry, diamonds contributed brilliantly in divas’ one-of-a-kind accessories. Almost every look completed with a stroke of sparkle.


Reese Witherspoon


The ravishing momma of three kids, Reese Witherspoon, managed to flaunt the most expensive look at the event. She arrived as a silver mermaid, in a body-fitting gown and stunning jewelry. A pair of diamond earrings, an oversized platinum ring, and a lavish bracelet prettified her overall appearance.

Jessica Chastain


Jessica’s side-swept lose hair showed off every fine detail of her charming face. Her hairdo and makeup were indeed the epitome of transcendence. She paraded in a glitzy black gown and accessorized her flawless look with a hefty diamond bangle bracelet and overlong diamond earrings.

Lorde in Narciso Rodriguez


All claps to Lorde for bringing back the trend of women tuxedo on the runway. Unlike a stylish long robe, she boldly opted for this black formal attire. However, out of innate feminism, she embellished her plunging neckline with an enormous diamond necklace, and her pretty fingers with stylish rings. This radiant white statement complemented well with her jet black suit.

Heidi Klum


She was an all-finger rings girl in a hot red dress. Certainly, Heidi stunned her fans with her radiant appearance.

Jennifer Lopez


Ah! What Glamour! As always, JLo looked glamorous on the carpet. Along with her bewitching eye-makeup and scintillating designer silver gown, her shoulder-kissing diamond stunners were a treat to watch.

Lupita N’yongo


Lilac flowers strikingly embraced Lupita’s attractive body in a strapless gown. She added colors to the evening in a purple outfit and exquisite lavender jewelry. Lupita looked fresh like blooming flowers.

Emily Blunt


Where diamonds were at their best, gorgeous turquoise crystals pulled all eyes towards Emily Blunt. She donned a pair of floral danglers, comprising chunks of dazzling turquoise.

Kate Hudson


Her very sinking neckline wowed the audience. Hudson flashed her fabulous body in a snow-white gown. The glistening straps on her dress gave the look of diamonds studded on the fabric. She was genuinely dripping in diamonds. Kate looked a white hot beauty.

Who appealed you the most? Share your comments about the best dresses and the most beguiling jewelry of the Golden Globes’ Red Carpet 2015.


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