He loves me, He loves me Knot.’ Indeed, it’s a win-win situation for a woman and of course, for a man too. If a girl loves his man this intensely, it’s a triple win for him. To cherish an eternal love bond, one needs to learn how to tie a sturdy knot to their relation.


Though there are numerous heart-to-heart and implicit ways of expressing an unbroken commitment, men are lucky to convey their deepest emotions with precious symbols of love such as eternity rings, knot and heart rings, pendant necklaces and earrings. While eternity rings are mostly revered as wedding jewelry, knot and heart style blings have gained immense popularity and demand as Valentines’, proposal and anniversary gifts.


Knot is considered a symbol of infinite love and thus, a celebrated trend in jewelry. Knot pendants are a go-go fashion among modern girls as it brings forth elegance with urbanity. There are numerous ways in which a knot is tied with the bail in a chain pendant.


One of the exclusive designs in pendants is the fusion of knot and heart style (as below), only available at Angara, the leading gemstone e-tailer. Designed to accent a woman’s exquisite neckline, this diamond encrusted knot heart pendant is a true gift to celebrate your alliance on V-day.


Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other semi-precious stones pop out gracefully when fitted in a knot bling.

You can confess your profound love by giving away a knot ring or pendant to your ladylove. It will add a gorgeous glow to any of her outfits and can be a perfect Valentines’ giveaway. This way, she will keep you and your enduring relationship close to her heart forever and a day.

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