Robin Burnett says: –

My daughter Sierra’s sapphire earrings arrived today: I parked myself near the front door (gotta fix that doorbell!!) so as not to miss Mr F Ex, who cheerfully showed up around noon – I signed for your package, with nervous nerveless fingers opened it, then the bubble wrap bag within, then untied the bow, opened the box, took out the smaller box, reverently opened it, and lo!, there they were, hand-picked-by-you beautiful sapphire earrings.

Here they will reside until daughter and her tall (I am talking tallllll !!) betrothed arrive for a visit, at which point we will give them to her and I will cry (cry and me go way back), and it will be good.

All of which goes to say: Thank you Barbara for the perfect mix of your professional professionalism and your personal touch.  It is much appreciated. Suddenly on-line feels as good or better than walking into a store (though, being old-fashioned, I am sure had you been in a store on the corner of Walker and Green and helped me I would have liked that even better (no, I don’t know of a store on Walker and Green, don’t even know of a Walker or a Green street, but you get the gist).

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