Capturing hearts with its unique beauty, emerald is a gem full of meaning and magic. A part of the elite four precious gemstones, emeralds are highly renowned for their gorgeous green allure. With a Mohs scale rating of 7.5 to 8, this glorious gemstone has garnered a huge fan following since its discovery. From the female monarch of Egypt Cleopatra to several Hollywood contemporaries, everyone has fallen in love with this glamorous green gemstone. Widely known as the ‘Gem of Spring’, it comes as no surprise that this vivid gemstone is the birthstone for the month of May.

From the Past:

Emeralds derive its name from the Greek word, ‘smaragdus’ meaning green. There are numerous interesting legends surrounding this vibrant gemstone. The ancient Romans considered light colored emeralds to be unripe and matured emeralds to have a deeper green hue. While the Incas and Aztecs considered emerald to be a holy stone. Whereas the ancient Egyptians used this gemstone during burials as they believed that emeralds would bring eternal youth to the mummies (buried dead bodies).


Emeralds are said to possess a variety of positive powers and mystical attributes. This vivid gem is regarded as the symbol of joy, abundance and rebirth. They are believed to cure its wearer of diseases, protect them from evil and bring goodness. Also, emeralds are believed to bring calmness, promote creativity and sharpen one’s intuition and perception. Emeralds are said to bestow people with good luck, loyalty in love, ability to foresee the future, honesty, intelligence, truthfulness, hope and faith. In simple words, emeralds represent good fortune, love, belief, balance, kindness and sympathy.

How to wear:

This splendid green gemstone has been gracing red carpet events since forever. Wearing them in the form of rings, pendants or bracelets can add immense elegance to your outfits. A stunning pair of emerald stud earrings can increase the overall allure of your casual attire. While a beautiful emerald pendant can add that much-needed sparkle to your work outfits. A striking emerald ring or emerald bracelet will complete your party look and surely help you be in the spotlight. This glamorous green gemstone is also a popular choice for engagement rings and bridal sets. With its enticing green allure, emeralds are definite head turners.

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