You don’t always have to believe everything you hear. When it comes to popping the question, everyone around you may have an opinion about what type of engagement ring you should go for. Most of the things you’ll hear are actually outdated or inaccurate. To clear the confusion and to make your engagement ring shopping easier, we’re debunking 5 of the most commonly believed myths associated with it.


Myth #1: An engagement ring should cost you two or three month’s salary

By far, this is the most misunderstood part of buying an engagement ring. It isn’t a tradition, or a rule – just an old advertising slogan. So, how much should you ideally spend on your engagement ring? Whatever you can afford or whatever you choose to go with. What’s important here is not how much you spend, but how the ring looks on her.

Myth #2: The stone should always be a colorless diamond

Yes, it’s true that a colorless diamond looks magical and is a great way to mark the beginning of your journey together. But why restrict yourself when there are a plenty of options in colored gems such as sapphire, emerald, tanzanite, ruby and more. The point here is to buy the ring that truly reflects her personality.

Myth #3: The ring has to be a surprise

In an ideal world, a woman would be swept off her feet by a fairytale proposal and the ring of her dreams. In reality, she gets a ring that’s probably not what she wanted. You definitely don’t want your special moment to end up like this. Get practical, either find out what’s her idea of the ‘perfect ring’ or finalize the piece only after you’ve discussed it with her.

Myth #4: An engagement ring should be of a particular style

Apart from the stone, there are also several other misconceptions about the engagement ring style. It’s not necessary that you have to stick to a solitaire. You can always take it a step ahead and opt for a halo, three stone or a vintage-inspired design. Not interested in yellow gold? Try rose or white gold. Confused about the metal? Try two tone. The options available are seemingly endless, you might as well think out of the box.

Myth #5: The bigger the stone, the better it is

We’ve all been wired to think that whatever is bigger is the better one. This might not be the case always! Don’t just go for the largest, but rather choose the stone of the highest quality with the closest proximity to your budget and preferred ring size.


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