‘Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.’ From boyfriends to celebrities to superheroes, a woman’s most personal connections are lips and boys. .


‘Lips & Boys’, extensively popular and versatile lipstick collection from Tom Ford, released late last year, will return this Fall with 25 new luscious lip colors. Named after several men like Leonardo, Justin, Liam, Alexander, Pablo, and others, these silky, smooth lipsticks will give you all the attention you desire. Ravishing hot reds, misty pinks, and mauves and elegant peaches, there is a color for every skin complexion and every style you wish to flaunt. You can smile broad and make colorful statements, matching with business formals, daily wear, and party attire.


For those women who love vivid colors with their wardrobes and jewelry closets, this collection is a superb bundle of joy. With novel colors, Tom Ford fans will be delighted to know these 25 shades will be added to an already existing 25-shade kit, totaling to50 frosty lipstick shades, a great value for just $1,800. His new lipstick set is said to launch on Black Friday of this year (Nov 27th).


Fortunately, Tom Ford has accustomed to all buyers. For example, if you want to purchase only one high-end brand color, you can for just $35.

“Why commit to one when you can have several,” questioned Ford.

What do you think is most versatile lipstick color? What do you love most about Tom Ford? Tell us your favorite from Ford’s collection. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


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