We think it’s absolutely exciting to plan your wedding, and even more to pick a gorgeous gown for yourself. As a bride-to-be, there’s a good chance you must have already figured out most of the things in your head. But if bridal jewelry is not one of them, then take this fun and easy quiz to better understand your style.

Fun Quiz: Discover Your Bridal Jewelry Style

  1. Which of these do you find most attractive?

    Which of these do you find most attractive?

  2. Pick a setting that matches the idea of your dream wedding.

    1. Draped fabric and crystals suspended from the ceiling light-up your ceremony aisle, while guests sit on ghost chairs.
    2. A castle adorned with gorgeous white candles and understated but beautiful flower arrangement.
    3. Magnificent chandeliers, ornate centerpieces and a soaring champagne tower created using coupe glasses.
    4. Outdoor setup with a black and white theme, and lush greenery as the backdrop.
  3. A romantic date would be…

    1. Two tickets to a music concert followed by dinner at a pub.
    2. Exploring a city with intriguing history filled with art museums.
    3. At a resort with a private beach, the best wine and the most luxurious spa.
    4. Cuddling up at home, watching a romantic comedy and eating pizza.
  4. Which of these outfits do you like the most?

    Which of these outfits do you like the most?

  5. Which part of your wedding are you most excited about?

    1. Having the best time of my life
    2. The romance and emotions
    3. Looking and feeling like a princess
    4. Sharing vows and starting a new life together

Here are the results…

Mostly As: The Modern Bride-to-Be

You’re someone who prefers to leave the past behind, and dreams about all the good things that the future holds. The latest in fashion is what appeals to you, and that is exactly what your bridal jewelry needs to reflect.

We recommend: Go with individualistic pieces with contemporary patterns. A solitaire diamond bar pendant, interlocking diamond circle necklace and a lariat necklace would all be great options.

Mostly Bs: Love for Vintage

Your style leans towards elements that have a beautiful old-world charm to them. Simplicity teamed up with eye-catching details, such as filigree and milgrain best suit your personality.

We recommend: A dainty bridal outfit accessorized with vintage-style drop earrings would look great on you. You can also complete your look with pearl pendants or strands.

Mostly Cs: All Things Glamorous

‘Glamorous’ is the word that best describes your style, and you would want every aspect of your wedding to reflect that.

We recommend: The halo setting makes every piece look even more spectacular by adding an extra dose of sparkle to it. Consider a sapphire pendant with a diamond halo to infuse some color and royalty into your outfit.

Mostly Ds: Simple and Classic

You seem to be a believer of ‘beauty lies in simplicity’, and minimalist detailing is what you may prefer for your wedding.

We recommend: There are plenty of jewelry options that are simple and stunning at the same time. A pair of diamond studs is one great example. You could also consider a beautiful diamond station or an infinity bracelet for a classy look.

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