Garnet, the birthstone for the month of January captivates with its deep red hue and extraordinary appeal. This beautiful gem derives its name from a Latin word granatus, which means grain or seed. The word garnet also comes from the 14th century Medieval English word gernet, meaning dark red. This alluring gemstone comes with incredible powers and is often associated with good health, peace and constancy.


Garnets come in different varieties such as Almandine, Pyrope, Spessartine and Andradite. Perfectly suitable for everyday wear, garnets have a hardness of around 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. These charming red-brown gemstones are found all over the world including USA, Czech Republic, Greece, Russia, Tanzania, Madagascar and India.

Being an extremely versatile gemstone, garnets can be cut and fashioned into any shape and size. Garnets make incredible gems for fine jewelry. Whether it’s a simple garnet pendant or an elaborate garnet ring, the lustrous beauty of garnet jewelry is sure to effortlessly brighten up your overall look. Garnets can also be mixed with gems of other colors to create statement jewelry pieces.

As the garnet is the official birthstone for January, a piece of jewelry adorned with this gem will make the perfect gift for anyone celebrating their birthday during this month. Traditionally, garnets are also gifted to couples on their 2nd and 6th wedding anniversaries.

The affordability and versatility of this semi-precious stone make it a coveted possession among jewelry lovers. Angara offers a wide selection of garnet jewelry including rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets in a variety of stunning designs. Browse through our selection to pick a piece that will make a breathtaking addition to your jewelry box.

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