It’s a well-known fact that in comparison to men, women are a lot more expressive.

A significant body of research has concluded that these emotions can influence the way she dresses, her appetite and her behavior in general. To sum it up, her current state of mind or “Mood” does have an influence on the decisions she makes every day.

Even Facebook and other social media channels have introduced features that let you showcase your mood to the world. The bottom line? This seemingly insignificant element has, in fact, started to define the daily rituals of our life.

At Angara, we decided to celebrate women and their many moods with a collection that complements all of them. And Color Crush was born!

What’s This Collection All About?

The list of moods can be long and varied. But the color you choose can be a representation of the same, sometimes purely on a subconscious level.

With Color Crush, we aim to connect with you through the medium of hues. So whether you’re in the mood for yellow, red, green, blue or something else, we’ll take care of it with our colorful jewelry.

A Color For Every Mood

This collection brings to you an assortment of gems, each with a distinct color and personality. So, if you’re in the mood for intense red our garnet jewelry may catch your attention. And if you are color crushing on royal purple then our rings, earrings and pendants adorned with amethyst definitely deserve a look. But that’s just the beginning! A total of 16 colors are waiting to be explored.

What Designs Can You Expect?




This collection has been crafted keeping in mind comfort for daily wear, but at the same time, all the designs exude an elegant charm. You can choose from versatile studs, stackable rings and pretty drop earrings, among others.

Precious and semi-precious gemstones further make every piece absolutely beautiful.

Why Choose Color Crush?

Colors can be a representation of your personality, and sometimes an expression of your mood. We also believe that beauty lies in simplicity, and the designs in this collection reflect the same. Simply put, choose Color Crush if you want to indulge in affordable, colorful and graceful designs that are perfect for everyday wear.

Click here to explore Angara’s brand new collection. Let’s #ColorCrush now!

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