If you’re someone who loves wearing fine jewelry, then there’s a good chance you’ve heard about GIA. Headquartered in California, the Gemological Institute of America is your go-to authority for expertise on all things related to gemstones.

It performs a mammoth of responsibilities every day – from gem identification and diamond grading to conducting a variety of educational programs. But GIA’s key function remains simple; to protect buyers and sellers by setting and maintaining the standards used for evaluation of gemstone quality.

GIA Certified Diana Rings

What makes a gem certified by the GIA different from the others? Let’s find out…

  • When a gemstone is accompanied with the GIA certificate, you will get precise details about all its important features, such as cut, clarity, color and carat weight. This means you can rest assured knowing that there is no discrepancy in any of the information provided to you about the gemstone.
  • Quality assessments done by the GIA are objective and unbiased. The report will allow you to compare one GIA-graded gemstone with another and will give an insight about the different options available. You can then use this knowledge to pick something that offers you the best value for your money.
  • If you’ve ever been worried about receiving a false/lookalike product, then the GIA certificate will take away all your apprehensions. The report provided by the institute will mention whether a gem has undergone any treatment or not. This is a particularly important piece of information for most consumers, and it also influences the final price of the jewelry.
  • The grading standards utilized by the GIA are known to be extremely stringent. As a matter of fact, its rigorous evaluation process is considered to be the benchmark against which all others are measured up. So when you buy GIA certified gemstone jewelry, know that you’re purchasing a high-quality product.

Jewelry pieces that showcase dazzling gems certified by the GIA are the finest way to enjoy the best of style and quality. And at Angara, you get to experience exactly that! While some of the pieces exhibit contemporary patterns, others have traditional influences. But the best thing about our collection is the presence of GIA certified gems that radiate an unrivalled beauty. Brimming with intense purple amethysts, honey-yellow citrines, lush-green emeralds, spectacular sapphires and a lot more, this assortment will simply take your breath away!

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