Perfectly in time for the holidays!

You think it’s time to change your look? How about going a bit unconventional this time?

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Well beards are being sought out by the patriarchal section of society these days for various, completely justified reasons, there are few who are adding further fun to this look. A touch of bling that’s making their much loved beards look out of league, yet highly chic. So how about a little glitter for your whiskers? Bringing the men’s grooming back to focus, let’s discuss the newest glittery trend that’s taking the internet by storm and is totally worth it!


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One glittery thought

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You think you could sport one as well? Go ahead, try your luck with it! Have a look at the video to get further details on how to rock this look!

Meanwhile, few others have taken this trend a bit too seriously as they are adding ornaments to their beards to amplify the effect of the glittery look!

Christmas fun

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Floral view

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What’s your take on glitter beards? Share with us your views or any picture if you have already tried this trend and explore its glories!

Let us know your views! Till then, keep glittering!

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